Members Code of Ethics

In VicGame all members must adhere to the following code of ethics:

  1. Value and care for the Land and the Waters and support their conservation.
  2. Take no more from the Land than will be used.
  3. Do not value the trophy above the end use of game taken.
  4. Become skilled enough to place the shot for the most effective kill.
  5. Recover all Game meat.
  6. Make every effort to recover any wounded Game.
  7. Never push or drive Game into any form of entrapment.
  8. Do not hunt with any form of artificial light, electronic device or mechanised form of pursuit.
  9. Leave no trace of your stay in a hunting area.
  10. The safety of others is paramount. Positively identify Game before shooting.
  11. Equipment should be adequate to the Game hunted and within the capability of the hunter to use.
  12. Never hunt for monetary gain.
  13. Strictly observe ALL firearms safety handling procedures.
  14. Be considerate of another hunter's on-site hunting location.

Members Rules of Fair Chase

In VicGame all members are expected to adhere to the following Rules of Fair Chase:

  1. No dog shall be used to course or scent-trail Game.
  2. A gun-dog only shall be used to point, flush from cover, find or retrieve shot Game.
  3. No dog shall be use which is not under the direct control of the Hunter.
  4. No vehicle shall be used to hunt Game. 5. No artificial light or electronic device shall used to hunt or locate Game.
  5. No bait (food lure) shall be used to entice Game into shooting range.

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