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The Victorian Game And Deerstalking Association, (commonly referred to as VicGame), is primarily a hunting club with many members also interested in camping, 4 Wheel Driving, competition shooting, fresh and salt water sport fishing. The club was established over a decade ago to provide a forum where like-minded outdoors people could share their passion for ethical hunting. A number of VicGame members compete in assorted shooting disciplines and this pool of talented individuals provides a wealth of expertise to the other club members.

Monthly general meetings are held in Blackburn at the South Warrawong Hall, Richmond Street, Blackburn; off Eley Rd., MEL REF: 61/G4 on the 2nd Tuesday of the month (February through November) [email us for more details]. We generally invite a guest speaker to cover a nominated topic and sometimes there are demonstrations. Our goal for these meetings is to educate the membership by covering topical issues or by being relevant and genuinely interesting. The range of topics cover areas such as: Sambar hunting techniques; Hog, Red and Fallow deer hunting; quail and duck hunting; ethical guided hunting; local rabbit, fox & duck hunting; latest GPS, clothing & firearm technology; latest 4 Wheel Drive equipment etc.

We hold an assortment of club based shooting competitions annually, this includes junior shoots. These are held with the goal of assisting members to continually improve their techniques and general shooting skills, which is vital in the field for ethical hunting. These shoots are held at assorted ranges and grounds in Victoria and cover the key shooting disciplines (clay target, simulated field, deer calibre rifles).

As we are a hunting oriented club we specialize in the ethical harvesting of waterfowl, quail, deer (by stalking), the usual rabbits, foxes, pigs, goats etc. Our members have experience covering all aspects of the shooting sports including, CPM, Safety, competition target and shotgun shooting.

Some members are also involved in providing representation to the legislative process in Victoria. Maintaining contacts with politicians and government departments to try to ensure that any new laws and regulations maintain, preserve and, where possible, extend our rights to hunt and fish. The club also strives to achieve this by creating submissions for proposed updates to regulations that may impact our sport. VicGame also promotes responsible ownership and use of firearms, we try to present it in a positive manner to the general public and provide a resource for members that attempts to clarify misinformation in the media.

Interested in Hunting and shooting? You are welcome to come along to one of our monthly meetings to obtain more information and see what it's all about.

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These are held in the South Warrawong Hall, Richmond Street, Blackburn; off Eley Rd., MEL REF: 61/G4 on the 2nd Tuesday of the month (February through November)