Questions from prospective members

Q1. How does membership of VicGame help me to get or retain a shooters license?
A. Because VicGame is registered with the Licensing & Regulation Division of the Victorian Police as an authorised club it covers you for the genuine reason sections of a license application for sport and target shooting as well as hunting.
Q2. Where can I get the correct form for a shooters licence application from?
A. Go to the Licensing & Regulation Division website and go to the services section, then select the firearms section and you can download the Firearm Licence Application PDF from here.
A. You can also download the Firearm Permit Application PDF from here as well.
Q3. Where can I go where I am allowed to hunt deer on crown land?
A. The DEPI has taken over the responsibility from DSE to manage Victorian hunting and keeps the most up to date information on this at their web site. They also have information on what can be hunted and the declared seasons for all game species.
Q4. Where can I go to practice my shooting skills or to sight in my firearm?
A. Established ranges and shotgun shooting grounds that VicGame have made use of in the past are managed by Fitzroy/Caulfield - Grantville Rifle Club , SSAA Victoria and by Field and Game. There are many unaffiliated ranges available across the state as well.

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